SWRA-SinopahIn 1998, two aspiring wildlife biologists found themselves pursuing bear hair in the backcountry of Glacier National Park, often near Sinopah Mountain in the Two Medicine area.  Little did they know that this humble beginning, as interns on a study to estimate abundance of grizzly bears using relatively new techniques, would set them on nearly parallel paths for the next decade.  Sinopah Wildlife Research Associates is the product of a 17-year collaboration and friendship between these two biologists.  

Our mission at Sinopah is to produce scientifically rigorous answers to important questions in wildlife research, management and conservation.  We emphasize and specialize in techniques that minimize the impacts on our study populations, both for the benefit of the animals and because these methods often represent the best methods for the question at hand.

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Wildlife Biologists Mike Sawaya and Jeff Stetz


Mike Sawaya

Michael Sawaya
PhD, Fish & Wildlife Biology, Montana State University

Mike received his PhD in Fish and Wildlife Management from Montana State University in 2012.  He has worked on grizzly and black bears in Glacier and Banff National Parks, cougars in Yellowstone National Park, was co-PI on a massive study of black bear management options across 19 states and provinces in eastern North America with Jeff, and is currently working as a NSERC Visiting Fellow with Parks Canada to examine wolverine genetic connectivity in Banff and Yoho National Parks.  Click here to see Mike's CV (pdf).



Jeff StetzJeffrey Stetz
PhD, Wildlife Biology, University of Montana

Jeff received his BSc in Fish and Wildlife Management from Michigan State University in 1998.  He earned his MSc in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana in 2008 and his PhD in 2017.  He was co-PI on three large studies of grizzly and black bear abundance in Montana from 2000 through 2010.  Click here to see Jeff's CV (pdf).

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